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Vested in our Community

Brett is the father of two adult sons who graduated from the Kendall Central School District. He has been a community member for over 27 years and lives in a house he built with his own two hands in the Town of Carlton. He could choose to live in any six other counties but chose Orleans to call his home. He raised his family here because he loves this community and all that it has to offer. In 2018, he was chosen by the Orleans Hub as one of Orleans County "Outstanding Citizens".    

Experienced Law Enforcement Supervisor

Brett began his career as a police officer in Lockport, N.Y. before transferring to the Rochester Police Department where he currently holds the rank of sergeant. He supervises the Greater Rochester Area Narcotics Enforcement Team and is a team leader on the SWAT Team. Brett is also an instructor at the Monroe County Law Enforcement Academy. He has the proven ability to motivate and unify people toward a common goal. 

A History of Helping Others

Brett served our country in the New York State Army National Guard in the field of Military Intelligence. Through various athletic endeavors he has brought awareness and raised over $80,000.00 for the following charities; NYS Special Olympics, Veterans Outreach Center, Huntington's disease, All In All The Time, Rochester Police Foundation and the family of a Rochester Police sergeant who died unexpectedly. 


What brett will do as your next sheriff-

Fight the Opioid Epidemic that is destroying our community


Pushing back the opioid epidemic will be a main priority. Brett will work collaboratively with the District Attorney's Office and reinstate the necessary investigative tools to their investigators. Brett understands the importance of drug rehabilitation and has built relationships with inpatient service providers so that people can received the help they desire. 

Make our county and communities unappealing for drug dealers


Brett will build "walls" on the major corridors into our county because that is how drugs are getting  here. The current dramatic decrease in traffic enforcement allows drug dealers to enter our county unimpeded. This is not a deputy problem, it is a leadership problem and puts the public's safety at risk.

Create safer roads and streets for you and your families


In 2017 Orleans County was number one in most serious and fatal crashes per total number of crashes in the state. The county also ranked second in alcohol related accidents. Brett will return to firm but fair traffic enforcement of intoxicated and dangerous drivers. Once again, this is a leadership issue.

Unify and train with all of your local law enforcement agencies


Brett will take the lead role in reestablishing  relationships and unifying all of our regional law enforcement agencies. We will train and work with these other agencies which will build a cohesive countywide law enforcement approach that best serves our community.

Give everyone a voice in the Orleans County Sheriff's Office


Brett knows law enforcement must  never stop building positive police relationships with the community. Every citizen should have a voice in how their sheriff's office serves  them. Brett's door will always be open so you have a means of sharing your input, concerns and great ideas.    


Bring vast and diverse leadership to the Office of Sheriff


Brett has been a police supervisor for the past 22 years and has been involved in thousands of critical incidents. He understands the nuances of providing services to smaller communities as well as urban areas. He currently does both and knows it all boils down to public safety, which will be at the forefront of every decision Brett makes as Sheriff of Orleans County. 




A dedicated and accomplished police sergeant with 30 years of law enforcement experience. Extensive background in supervising a multi-agency task force, and executing long-term and complex investigations. A dynamic leader and team member with specialized training in resolving unique, high-risk, law enforcement situations where conventional law enforcement tactics may be insufficient. Excelling in collaborating with colleagues, law enforcement officers from state and federal agencies, prosecution executives, crime victims and the community in various situations. 

Professional Experience

Police Sergeant- Rochester Police Department

Rochester, New York  1992-Present


Supervising Sergeant responsible for a multi-agency task force of undercover investigators, deputies and officers who employ progressive and innovative investigative techniques to successfully conclude long-term and complex narcotic investigations. Participated in excess of 3000 search warrant executions. The mission of GRANET is to achieve maximum coordination and cooperation, and bring to bear the combined resources of member agencies to investigate mid and upper level narcotic related offenses in the Greater Rochester/Monroe County area, utilizing both state and federal laws. 


Team leader and former training coordinator of a life-saving organization. Planned and participated in hundreds of high-risk operations. Provide department-wide training and consultation to both public and private organizations. Participated in numerous community engagement events to improve understanding of SWAT operations and create a trusting relationship with the public. Involved in dignitary protection details for then Vice President Dick Cheney and President George W. Bush. 


Responsible for supervising street level narcotics enforcement in the southwest and city center areas of Rochester that had a direct impact on the communities’ quality of life. Executed search warrants on drug houses and oversaw undercover drug purchases. Conducted joint narcotic enforcement details with New York State Police Community Narcotics Enforcement Team. 

TACTICAL UNIT October 1999-January 2000

Responsible for providing crime-specific details and pro-active anti-crime efforts. Assisted with surveillance and apprehension details of violent offenders and other duties assigned by command.

GENESEE SECTION, 3rd PLATOON October 1997- October 1999

Supervising sergeant of 20 police personnel, including investigators and officers. Responsible for record keeping, time keeping and maintenance of daily records of personnel duties and assignments. Performed evaluations, training, and guidance to officers. Maintained discipline and positive morale among subordinates. Reviewed findings in completed Internal Affairs investigations affecting personnel and recommended disciplinary penalties where applicable. Developed and implemented plans to address identified crime patterns and trends. Participated in numerous community meetings to improve relationships with neighborhood citizens. Instrumental in devising patrol response plans to neighborhood complaints and implemented tailored police service for individual neighborhood requests following community meetings. 

Police Officer- Lockport Police Department 

Lockport, NY  1988-1992


Responsible for responding to calls for  service and the preliminary investigations of all crimes while working in a uniformed capacity. Performed proactive street stops and  arrests, walking beat posts, traffic/DWI enforcement and  parking enforcement. 

Other Professional Employment and Experience

Board Member- Huther Doyle

July 2001-Present

Responsible for steering the organization and adopting sound, ethical and legal governance as well as providing fiscal oversight. Able to provide insight and education to fellow board members and the organization as to the current opioid epidemic and it’s negative impact on the community. The longest serving board chair, seven years, in the organization’s history.  

Instructor/Guest Lecturer- Drug Identification and Awareness

February 2000-Present

Provide instruction to private citizens as well as law enforcement officers in all respects of illicit drug trends. Lead instructor at the Police Academy and presented to numerous civilian entities, including; Monroe 2- Orleans BOCES, Genesee Valley School Boards Institute for Staff Development, Aquinas Institute, Manchester-Shortsville Central School District, and Monroe County Social Services. Guest Lecturer at Rochester Institute of Technology, Nazareth College, St. John Fischer College, Brockport State College and Monroe Community College.

Physical Fitness Instructor- Public Safety Training Facility

September 2006-Present

Lead physical training sessions to recruits in the Police Academy. Develop workout sessions as well as remedial plans to ensure recruits are capable of passing physical fitness standards set forth by NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). 


Limitless Racing Inc.

Founder and president of this not-for-profit organization. Utilizing a fleet of racing strollers, teams of 2 or 3 volunteers push the children with physical and/or cognitive disabilities at road races. The children are fully registered for the races and receive their own race bib, race specific shirt (when available), Limitless Racing shirt, and a finisher’s medal. All expenses are paid by Limitless Racing Inc. The organization allows the children to experience the pre-race jitters, the freedom that comes from the wind in their faces, and the excitement of the cheering crowds at the finish lines.


Through various extreme athletic events over $80,000 have been raised for the following entities; Special Olympics, Veterans Outreach Center, Huntington’s Disease, All In All The Time (US Navy Special Warfare Survivor Fund), Rochester Police Foundation and the family of a Rochester Police Department sergeant who died suddenly. 

Education and Professional Training

State University of New York at Buffalo- Completed 46 Credit Hours

Buffalo, New York 1987-1992

Niagara County Community College- Associate of Applied Science in Police Science

Sanborn, New York 1997


Training and Certifications:

· Advanced Active Shooter Training (2018)

· School Resource Officer Active Killer Training (2018)

· RTS Active Killer Training (2018)

· New Mexico Tech Prevention and Response to Suicide Bomber Incidents   


· Raven’s Challenge (2016)

· U of R Active Killer Scenario (2016)

· Enhanced In-Service Instructor – Active Shooter (2015)

· Night Vision Operator Course (2014)

· Active Shooter Training Scenario- Evelyn Brandon Center (2014)

· Weapons of Mass Destruction Tactical Operators Course (2013)

· FBI Active Shooter Course (2013)

· Enhanced In-Service Instructor (2012)

· SWAT Supervision Course (2012)

· New Police Supervisor Instructor (2012 to present)

· TASER Instructor (2011)

· Illegal Gun Training Course (2008)

· Physical Training Instructor Certification (2006)

· SWAT Operator Instructor (2006 to present)

· Naval Special Warfare Development Group Training (2006)

· Regular Instructor at Police In-Service training (2007 to present)

· Certified Police Instructor, State of New York (2005)

· Complex Search Warrant Seminar (2001)

· Narcotics Task Force Workshop (2000)

· Police Recruit Instructor (2000 to present)

· Edged Weapons Survival Course (1998) 

· Verbal Judo (1997)

· Police Supervision Course (NYS-mandated course) (1997)

· Interview and Interrogation Techniques (1997)

· Clandestine Lab (1997) 

· DEA 2 Week Narcotics Course (1996)

· Active Field Training Officer (1993-1995)

· Field Training Officer (FTO) Certification (1993)

· Pepper Spray (OC) Certification (1992)

· New York State Basic Police Officer Certification (1988)

Awards and Professional Recognition

· 2019 Rochester Rotary Henry Jensen Memorial Award

· 2018 Orleans Hub “Orleans County Outstanding Citizen”

· 2018 Monroe County Sheriff Department Public Service Award

· 2016 Federation of Social Workers John L. Seebach Volunteer of the Year       


Rochester Police Department

· Community Service Award

·Clinton Section Officer of the Month- 2 Awards

 Clinton Section Captain’s Letter- 3 Awards

· Chief’s Letter of Recognition - 8 Letters

· Commendation Award

· Excellent Police Service Award

· Unit Citation- 3 Awards

· Unit Commendation- 4 Awards

· Physical Fitness Award- 3 Awards

· Numerous positive letters from citizens